Addressing the Causes
of Homelessness
Helping men, women, and children who are experiencing homelessness in Dane County.





The Beacon

The Beacon is a comprehensive day resource center for people who are experiencing homelessness in Dane County. We help over 150 men, women, and children each day, 365 days a year.

Through our services, people have opportunities to find a better life. We are committed to providing services that address the causes of homelessness in an environment where people are supported and treated with respect and dignity.

Along with our basic needs services, we are a one-stop-shop for people to connect with other area social services agencies who have offices right here at The Beacon. Our guests do not have to find transportation and visit several locations to get the critical help they need.

Beacon Health Checks
Preventative Healthcare

Guests can receive free preventative healthcare such as footcare clinics, blood pressure checks, diabetes education, etc.

Beacon Housing Assistance
Housing Assistance

Staff and volunteers provide assistance obtaining stable housing.

Beacon Job and Housing Search
Employment Search

Volunteers and staff work with guests to find employment and assist with applications, résumés, and provide job coaching.

Beacon Showers
Shower Facilities

Safe, private showers improve health and restores dignity.


Food at the Beacon

Volunteers donate and distribute boxed lunches and snacks every day.

Beacon Laundry

Laundry facilities provide clean clothes to provide confidence and respectability when applying for jobs and going to appointments.

Beacon Mail
Mail Center

The mail center provides a physical address to use on forms and employment applications, as well as receive important documents.

Beacon Transport

Transport is provided between overnight shelters and The Beacon.



Beacon Computer Lab
Computer Lab

Computer classes are given to our guests in the computer lab and the computers are used to find employment and housing.

Beacon Identification Assistance
Identification Assistance

Staff provide assistance in obtaining identification when needed.

Beacon Telephone

Telephones are available for guests to use.

Beacon Case Management
Case Management

Other area social services agencies are located at The Beacon and together provide comprehensive case management services.



The Beacon Renovation

Beacon Before Showers

Before - Shower/Laundry Area

After Showers on Left - Laundry on Right

After - Showers on Left & Laundry on Right

Beacon Before Sitting Area

Before - Main Floor Sitting Area

Beacon After Sitting Area

After - Main Floor Sitting Area

Beacon Before 2nd Floor

Before - Computer Lab & Service Providers

Beacon After 2nd Floor

After - Computer Lab & Service Providers

Beacon Before 2nd Floor Rooms

Before - Community Room

Beacon After 2nd Floor Rooms

After - Community

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Our Location :

615 E. Washington Avenue
Madison, WI 53703


Contact Numbers :

Phone: (608) 826-8040
Fax: (608) 826-8027


Center Hours :

Open Every Day
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.